W1K's Modpack (Also known as W1K's Sizable Variety Pack) is a Content Pack which adds many High-Quality items. It's very popular thanks to Unique Bosses, which are very complex and very technical. Below is a list of Content which this mod offers.

Bnpcs Bweapons Bmagic
Bitems Barmor Barmorsets
Btiles Bwalls Bbuffs

Currently on version: 1.0
NPCs 42
Items 125
Tiles 0
Walls 0
Buffs 6
Armor sets 11

Mini ModsEdit

This content also contains small mods with small changes. Below it's a list of small add-ons which this mod offers separately:

  • Difficulty Changer (Ver. 1.0)
  • Prime Needs (Ver 1.0)
  • Liquid Modifier (Legacy Ver. 1.0)
  • Position Saver (Legacy Ver. 1.0)
  • Balance Modifier 1.0.5 (Legacy Ver. 1.0)
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